eFlex Natural 1.75MM

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eFlex Natural 1.75MM

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Product Description :

Machine Model:MakerBot
Extruders Temp:210-230℃
Buidplate Temp:Unheated
Speed while extruding:15-30mm/s
Speed while traveling:90-150mm/s



- 1.75mm (Accuracy:1.7-1.8mm)
- 3.00mm (Accuracy:2.9-3.0mm)


eFlex is a kind of transparent soft elastic material, with high flexibility and very high mechanical strength (flexural tensile resistance), wear resistance, aging resistance. It is also very resistant to chemical resistance, water resistance oil and solvent resistance. Not only that, eFlex also has a waterproof, cold proof and anti ultraviolet (yellowing resistance, can withstand sun exposure) performance.

  • Printing temp. is 210~230℃.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction, Fast Shipping

Color:  Natural (Semi-transparent)

Note that flex filament is soft.  You need to take special steps to ensure a smooth printing of flex materials, no matter from which vendor.  You may order a 0.5KG spool if this is the first time.

eFlex Advantages:

TPU rubber based.

Very flexible and elastic.

Shore A Hardness at 87.

Tensile Strength 52 MPa.


Some common steps people take to print flex:

1. print slow, like 20mm/s

2. might have to have a modified extruder, smoother feed path.


- 1kg /spool,12 Spools/ctn.


Widely used in sports equipment, medical equipment, industrial parts, parts information, shoe materials supplies, daily necessities, auto parts and other.


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